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Biking to the ancient roots

Cycling to the ancient roots

Bike and trekking
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A journey to the roots of ancient Greece while cycling! Visit Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplion and travel along the entire coastline of Argolida at our own pace as we travel exclusively by bike.

South Pindos

The off-road Jeeping experience

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Travel in South Pindos as you have never done before! Discover secret passages in off-road routes with 4X4 and landscapes of unique beauty, exceptional traditional villages, alpine lakes, rivers, springs, rare wetlands, and woodland roads.


The Big Blue!

Island Hopping
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Amorgos is the ideal island for those who want to make peaceful vacations and recharge their batteries! It is still considered to be one of the hidden diamonds of the Cyclades Islands that remain untouched and beautiful!

I LOVE Chalkidiki!

Virgin nature

Choose this trip to the paradise of Nothern Greece and get away from your everyday routine for a few days. A carefree travel in green Sithonia of enchanting pines covered with deep blue sea from one side to the other. A unique chance to relax and live new experiences.


The Eco-Rich Island of Water and Plant Life

Island Hopping
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Dive in deep blue waters, a magic journey that will always remain in your mind. Trek along trails that will guide you through the history of the island.


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