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Olive Paths

The ancient roots

A journey that celebrates the ancient tradition of olive oil production. Gather olives together with farmers on the land of the Laconic plain. Learn the secrets of the "eternal" trees which are grown next to the Evrotas River and under the shade of Mount Taygetos. Experience the authentic rural life and become part of the Laconic land. Follow the transformation of the olive to oil in traditional olive mills. Learn how olives offer the most valuable and nutritional product on our planet. Discover the secrets of the Mediterranean cuisine and how olive oil becomes a source of life and health in our daily diet. Take with you the olive oil you made by yourself  as a souvenir. Discover the recipes for the wonderful corned dish and the sausage of Mani and learn to prepare it yourself. Take a bite of a traditional Spartan "paksimadi" (dried bread) and taste the authentic "boukouvala" made from warm bread with fresh olive oil. It is impossible to leave out from this trip the wonderful orange groves of the Laconic plain! We will gather oranges and drink the most fresh juice you've ever tasted. However a trip to this beautiful corner of Greece could not be complete without the pleasant walks through ancient Sparta, Mystras and Mani! Stay at a lovely inn beneath Mount Taygetos located in a vast estate with olive trees where we will learn about the secrets of the Laconic cuisine. Experience the magic and beauty of nature in the most authentic way where earth gives birth to life itself...this trip is the ideal for you.

NEW GROUP every Monday (11/1/16 - 3/4/16)

11Ιαν - 3Απρ2016

Trip Schedule

Day One


Arrive in Sparta, stop for coffee in the central square

Travel to Eumelia


Overnight stay

Day Two

Olive gathering


Travel to the fields where the gathering of the olives in made

Pick and harvest with the producers/farmers - Outdoor picnic (organized by the farmers)

Return to the inn

Afternoon stroll through the surrounding villages

Evening ride to Gythion (octopus with ouzo)

Day Three

Mount Taygetos

Breakfast along with learning how to make marmelade from oranges

Travel to a traditional oil mill (Briefing, tasting "boukouvala")

Take a short trip to a village on Mount Taygetos and have lunch in a traditional taverna

Afternoon visit to an organic farm

Spend the evening at the inn

Appetizers with wine and "tsipouro"

Let's party!

Day Four

Ancient Sparta


Departture for the orange groves

Harvest and gather with the producers / farmers

Organized outdoor meal

Mid-day in Ancient Sparta

Afternoon yoga session at the inn

Day Five

Olive paths

Breakfast made with local delicacies

Visit the Olive Museum in Sparta

Visit the shop of Tsigkakis where various local delicacies are made (organized meal with a "corned" dish and "sausage dish")

Visit the place where olives are bottled

Return to the inn in the afternoon and find an activity among several options

Day Six



Departure for Monemvasia

Visit the castle Spend mid-day in Monemvasia - free day

Return to the inn in the afternoon for a lesson in making "hilopites" and "trahana"

Day Seven

The end

Breakfast Visit Mystras and have lunch there

Departure for Athens

Overnight stay at a hotel-open schedule

End of trip

What's Included (+)

Transportationfrom the hotel to city
Head of the tourperson in charge
Travel Insurance
Transportationvia Jeep / SUV throughout the duration of the trip
Hotel accommodationwith breakfast
Transportationto the center of destination at the end of the trip

What's not Included (-)

High end hotels4 and 5 star
Travel materialinformation regarding each tour
All necessary equipmentmountain or outdoor bicycles, helmets, supplies
Skilled bicyclinghiking
Vehicles and drivers
Native guidewith excellent English speaking skills


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