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The Big Blue!

Amorgos is the ideal island for those who want to make peaceful vacations and recharge their batteries!

The crystal clear waters of the island give inspiration to many tourists over the years who want to see with their own eyes the place that gave birth to the famous movie “The Big Blue”! However we must say that Amorgos is still considered to be one of the hidden diamonds of the Cyclades Islands that remain untouched and beautiful!

It has many traditional villages with whitewashed houses built in inaccessible hillsides in order to be protected from the pirates during Ottoman times.

The island is also well-known for the beaches that extend from the north to the south and make swimming a whole new experience!

Grazytravel designed a 7-day package for two persons that combines accommodation to an extraordinary hotel close to the sea with a “grazy” activity: scuba diving! 


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