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The Eco-Rich Island of Water and Plant Life

Explore one of the most beautiful Greek islands on foot, crossing unique paths.

Return to the past and visit the first pasta factory of the island. You will discover well-preserved watermills and towers with the typical architecture of Andros.

Enjoy nature as Andros has three characteristics in ample amounts: Lush vegetation, abundant water and wind. Discover an unknown and well hidden ecological treasure: the wetland / biotope of Achla. A landscape full of plant life with lush vegetation, tall trees that block the sun's rays from passing through, waterfalls and natural pools.

Swim in one of the loveliest beaches of the Mediterranean, Achla beach, with its distinctive white pebbles and sparkling green waters. Become one with the locals, learn the history of the island with most captains and take a tour of their homes. Take a stroll through the picturesque tiny streets of the Town of Andros. Learn how to make the traditional omelet of Andros referred by the locals as "froutalia" and enjoy the taste of this fine recipe. Cycle and go horseback riding by the sea, in a poetic setting. Try all the traditional flavors of the land and do not hesitate to ask for recipes from the local women.

The people of Andros are so hospitable and welcoming that your wish will be their command. Swim in the waters of "Old Lady Jumping" beach, the Old Ship Wreck, and dozens of other beautiful beaches. And because Tinos is one step away from Andros, we will guide you on a boating trip up the Strait of Tinos with, taking the necessary swimming breaks along the way. As for a place to relax: You will enjoy the breathtaking sunset in Batsi, accompanied by a nice dinner by the sea or a delicious cocktail. Andros has it all. Located just 2 hours from Athens, it combines action, relaxation, fine flavors, endless natural beauty, rare architecture and entertainment.

Select this travel package and you will never forget us!

Trip Schedule

Day One


Arrive at the hotel in Athens.
Free time in the city.
Overnight stay in Athens.

Day Two


Arrive in Andros at 10:00am.
Transportation to the hotel.
Short hike.
Duration of hike: 1.50, including return.
Route: Gavrio-Kato Agios Petros-Ano (Upper) Agios Petros-Agios Petros (St. Peter). 
Swimming at a nearby beach with the option of Scuba diving.
Lunch at a nearby taverna.
Visit the Archaeological Museum of Palaiopolis.

A Tastin stroll: sweets of Andros- tasting and preparation.
Dinner on an elevated hill overlooking and enjoying the sunset.

Day Three

Ηοrseback rides

Exploring the Northern beaches of Andros:
- Fellos
- Pisolimionas
- Vlihada-Pyrgaki

Short horseback rides.

Lunch at a taverna with local cuisine.

Afternoon free.

Overnight stay in Batsi.

Day Four


Change regions: From Western to Central and Eastern Andros.

Extensive hike (approx. 4 hours) 

From Aprovatou-Paleopolis-Stavropeda-Ano Pitrofos (Olive Museum)-Strapourgies-Lamyra .

Visit the Olive Museum.

Lunch at a restaurant in the Town of Andros.

Stroll around the Town.

Option to visit the museum of the Town (Archaeological, Modern Art, Naval Museum, House of Theofilos Kairis).

Day Five

Taste local products

Depending on weather conditions, we select one of two hiking routes, one with duration of 1.5 hours or one with duration of 3 hours. Depending on the route, we will cross a bridge, castle, watermill or other attractions with a rural landscape.

Route: Town (Chora)-Ipsilos-Apikia-Apaturia-Gialia or Monastery of St. Nicholas-Achla beach or Chora-Livadia-Vrahnou-Lydi beach.

Swimming on a nearby beach.

Lunch at a nearby taverna.

Take a stroll to and around a farm in Andros: 

Tour of the local products and crops.

Demonstration in making cheese, pickles and bread.

Tasting products from the estate.

Dinner on the farm / estate.

Day Six

Boating excursion

Trek towards the Southern part of the island.
Boating excursion to the Strait of Tinos.
Free time in Tinos.

Day Seven


Return to Athens.
Free time in the city.
Overnight stay in Athens.

What's Included (+)

Hotel 4*
Transportationfrom the hotel to city
All necessary equipmentmountain or outdoor bicycles, helmets, supplies
Head of the tourperson in charge
Travel Insurance
Transportationvia Jeep / SUV throughout the duration of the trip

What's not Included (-)

Air Tickets
Museum ticketsEntrance in museums, archaeological sites and sightseeing

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