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The Heart of Mani

Culinary experience and Trekking

Tour in Mani and Messinia in a journey that has everything you can ask for: Action, fun, natural attractions, social activities, tasty food! One day you will be on the highest peak of the Peloponnese (Prophet Elias on Mount Taygetos at 2407 m.) enjoying the view of Mani and the Messinian Bay and the next day you will swim along the most famous beach of the Messinian Bay, Voidokoilia and cycle through the villages of Inner Mani.

Discover the authentic Mani through unexplored routes that only the locals know about. Hiking around the unique natural beauties of Messinia. Taste the remarkable Mediterranean flavors...Move from place to place without using a car or tour bus but by bicycle, on foot, by kayak or...swimming! Climb the top of Mount Taygetos at an altitude of 2407 meters. Hike to the "Gates of Hades", to Polilimno and Gialova. Get acquainted with the villages of Mani. 

Swim in the crystal clear waters of Kardamili and Voidokilia. Visit all the popular sites in a very special way. Combine fun with adventure! Grazy Travel's team guarantees you a memorable vacation!

Trip Schedule

Starting point

Starting point of the travel package is the hotel in Athens.

Customers are picked by the company cars at 08:00am.

Each customer is responsible for his/her travel to Athens as the package does not include travel from their place of residence.

Day One


Arrival at your hotel in Athens.

Free time in the city.

Departure from Athens.

Arrival at Kardamili.

Overnight stay in Kardamili.

Day Two

Canyon of Viros

Departure from Kardamili.

Arrival at Exohori.

Hiking from Exohori to Monastery of Sotiras (via the Canyon of Viros).

Route: Exohori- Canyon of Viros- Tseria- Monastery of Sotiras- Exohori.

Departure from Exohori to Kardamili.

Briefing by the trekking/hiking-instructors on next day's activities.

Overnight stay in Kardamili.

Day Three

Mount Taygetos

Departure from Kardamili with mini bus.

Arrival in the Forest of Vassiliki, at Agios Dimitrios (1400 m.).

Duration of trip: 1.20'

Hiking in Mount Taygetos (to the highest peak, Prophet Elias at 2407 m.).

Distance: 12 km.

Duration of hike: 7- 8 hours.

Return and overnight stay in Kardamili.

Day Four


Departure from Kardamili.

Arrival at Polilimnio.

Hiking in Polilimnio.

Travelers can swim or rappel in the Canyon of Polilimnio.

Departure for Gialova Cycling Gialova-Lagoon-Voidokoilia.

Hiking in Palaiokastro.

Briefing on the shelter of Loggerheads.


Departure for Voidokoilia beach.


Overnight stay in Kardamili.

Day Five


Departure for Gerolimenas (with mini bus).

Cycling from Gerolimenas to Tainaro and back.

Distance: 36 km.

Trekking from Tainaro to Akrotainaro and back.

Duration of trekking: 1.15'

Return and overnight stay in Kardamili.

Day Six


Return to Athens.

Arrival at the hotel.

Free time in the city.

Overnight stay in Athens.

What's Included (+)

Transportationfrom the hotel to city
Travel materialinformation regarding each tour
All necessary equipmentmountain or outdoor bicycles, helmets, supplies
Head of the tourperson in charge
Skilled bicyclinghiking
Vehicles and drivers
Travel Insurance
Hotel accommodationwith breakfast

What's not Included (-)

Air Tickets
Travel Visas
Museum ticketsEntrance in museums, archaeological sites and sightseeing


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